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Data Science LAB

Data Science Lab

Our Data Science LAB has the following objectives:

  • To design and develop real Business Cases using Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools.
  • To train Data Scientists in R, Python, Spark.
  • To design and develop concept tests within the Hadoop Ecosystem.
Data Science LAB


Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Open Source

We use the R, Python and Spark packages, depending on the business case.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

As Microsoft partners, we use ML Studio within an Azure environment as a solution in the Cloud, which allows us to draw upon a graphical environment (drag & drop) to design and model real cases. Its integration with both R and Python gives us a complete vision.

Design model

Some examples:

Text Analytics

Text Analytics (classification algorithm) | Actual example: Service sector

We treat thousands of documents in order to classify them according to their content and facilitate good decision-making based on their analysis.


Predictive | Actual case: Sports sector

We analyse past and present histories to predict the future.

Data Mining scenarios to find patterns and the micro-segmentation of behaviour groups.

Sales recommendation

Recommender (segmentation algorithm)

Recommendations of commercial activities based on tastes and behaviour. We also recommend new services that may suit given employers.


We develop display Solutions on Tableau or Power BI.

Data learning

Data Science Ecosystem

Data Science Ecosystem