Microsoft Azure and Office 365

We help companies, from the definition, migration, configuration and operation of environments in Azure or hybrids, and have experience in the international expansion of companies using Microsoft Azure and Office 365 as accelerators.

We cover all the areas of Microsoft Azure and Office 365, with projects for new deployments, system migration, applications and infrastructures from OnPremise to Azure environments.

Office 365

We use Microsoft Azure and Office 365 as a channel for digital transformation in companies. Thus, in addition to the capabilities of our Azure technical engineers, we stand out from out the competition thanks to our methodology applied to Cloud adoption at companies, in which:

  • We explore, revising existing infrastructures and applications.
  • We evaluate and produce a roadmap for the migration of services and the implementation of new ones.
  • We design the solution that we subsequently implement, operate and maintain.
Microsfot Cloud Solutions Provider

Solutio is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, which allows us to directly sell Microsoft Azure and Office 365 at significant discounts and with different support options, as well as providing personalised billing to our clients, adapted to the cycles and periodicity they need.