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Domain Driving Design: architecture focused on domains. Its main aim is for critical mission applications that require agility and flexibility in terms of maintenance. Its main virtues:

  • Independence among the layers of architecture.
  • Increasing the productivity of developments.
  • Standardizing the design and development of solutions.
  • Increasing the quality and sustainability of applications.
  • Multi-device, Multi-database, etc.

Solutio has developed and is making further process on DDD architecture with .Net technology that allows us to increase our level of productivity.

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Between 2009 and 2012, Android went from having a 4% share of the smartphone market to having 66%. Meanwhile, although Android dominates in terms of the number of devices, Apple is still the king in terms of user participation.

The decision:

Native / Hybrid / Web Application


Apache Cordova: Open Source API´s based on Javascript for devices. It uses the manufacturer’s SDKSs to create applications that work on the devices.

PhoneGap: Platform developed by Adobe that makes it possible to encapsulate the manual processes of Apache Cordova, including a build and publication framework for devices.

Telerik AppBuilder: Complete integrated development platform with Visual Studio IDE that accelerates development and natively compiles for each device, in addition to having publication tools in the different stores.