New challenges

Technological incubator for employees

Solutio Incube was created as an incubator that makes it possible to devise, create and launch ideas in the business environment, with technology serving as a facilitator or differentiating element.

Our aim is to help entrepreneurs who have an idea that can serve as the basis for the establishment of a start-up. To do this we support the idea with a set of capabilities and knowledge to promote the entrepreneurial project. At the same time, we aim for it to constitute a technological laboratory for the generation and deployment of these ideas.


This initiative was born in 2016 and we are currently developing the first product, mFoodies, a multiplatform Net Core + Xamarin architecture application.

In 2018 mFoodies will be launched to the market covering a need within the leisure sector.

The project is made under Scrum methodology and is in I phase of development.