At Solutio we have opted for multi-device development through two different approaches depending on the needs of our clients:

Web Apps


The quickest way to have mobile applications:

  • Web applications that are accessible from a mobile device.

We develop Web Apps according to the needs of our clients:

  • We transform current websites into Web Apps
  • We create business applications with Web Apps that connect Back Office with field technicians or with clients.
  • We use frameworks or technologies depending on the needs of the application:
    • HTML5
    • Jquery Mobile
    • CSS3 + Responsive Design
    • Bootstrap
    • MVC with specific views for the mobile part

Cross Platform Apps

Telerik AppBuilder


We use different Frameworks in accordance with the requirements of our clients

We use Telerik AppBuilder to build native applications based on HTML5 and JavaScript, which are downloadable from the stores of the different manufacturers Apple Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.
The main advantage is the use of Web code instead of using native code, having allow of the code for an application available in a single project, facilitating the maintenance of our Apps, writing code just once for all of the platforms.

These are some of the applications that we have collaborated on:




Xamarin is our development platform for Cross-Platform applications using native code.
The main difference in relation to our Cross-Platform solutions created using Telerik APPBuilder is that the final result is an application that is translated to native code for IOS, Android or Windows and compiled natively for that environment.
With Xamarin it is possible to share more than 90% of code for applications. That allows us to make updates for IOS, Android and Windows, saving money on very expensive cost and maintenance, vis-à-vis the native development for each platform.

The main advantage of Xamarin is that the final result is native, not interpreted, which allows for total access to all of the manufacturer’s APIs and a high performance level, for all types of applications.


Xamarin provides integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and allows running and debugging applications on physical devices or emulators.