"Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Platform and Tools" posted for free download

Author César de la Torre (Sr. PM, .NET Product Team, Microsoft).


Companies Workshop in Microsoft Ibérica

The Solutio operations team, led by Javier Valero, will participate on January 17 and 18, 2017 in this event to create cloud migration strategies.

MS Ibérica

"A kilo of food, a million of thanks" solidarity action

The Solutio team has shown its solidarity by contributing 50 kg of food for this initiative.

Operación kilo

The Banco de Alimentos de Madrid is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to get food to be distributed among various charities dedicated to the care and assistance of disadvantaged people within the Community of Madrid.

Ordenadores Sin Fronteras

Solutio has donated various computer equipment worth 1500 €: desktop PCs, monitors and UPS storage equipment.

Ordenadores Sin Fronteras

Ordenadores sin Fronterasis a non-profit association created to promote technological advances in extra-community populations, collecting equipment from both individuals and companies. All the computer material is meticulously reviewed, reconditioned and sent to the communities that request it: educational centers or cultural entities where they will get performance.

Solutio attains its third competency in Microsoft technology: Collaboration and content

  • For its projects on the MS Sharepoint platform, Grupo Solutio obtains the Collaboration and Content competency.
    Grupo Solutio also boasts the Silver DataCenter and Silver Application Development competencies.

Having reached the Silver level in Collaboration and Content officially certifies the Grupo Solutio’s knowledge in the customisation, deployment, parameterisation and development of solutions based on Microsoft Sharepoint and .net.

Grupo Solutio's commitment to Microsoft technology is once again bolstered by this recognition from the North American multinational..

MS Partner

Sharepoint is a business collaboration platform that includes tools that can be implemented individually or combined to furnish processes with a more complete service. Some of these tools are social elements, the Enterprise Search search engine, and process or document management modules.

Sharepoint allows companies to improve their decision-making and increase their productivity with a single extensible platform for intranet, extrenet and internet solutions, both locally and in the Cloud.

Experts in the development of applications based on microservices and containers

César de la Torre (Senior Product Manager of Microsoft Corp.) and Javier Valero (COO of Solutio) were speakers at a forum featuring more than twenty CIOs from various sectors, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance and public administration. They shared capacities for the creation of applications with microservices and containers with Visual Studio, NET Core, Azure and Docker. A social network was presented that Solutio is developing with Xamarin, .NET Core and Docker using Microservices on Azure.


Solutio banks on Xamarin for the apps development

Xamarin is a Cross-Platform resource that makes it possible to develop in a single language (C#) and convert to native applications (Android, iOS, Windows).


Solutio inCube

Solutio Incube is an incubator that will make it possible to design, develop and launch ideas, conceived and created by employees for the business world.

The first initiative, to be released in 2017, is mFoodies, an application to serve the foodie community.


Solutio trains UPM students in Microsoft technologies

25 Computer System Engineering students at the Polytechnic University of Madrid receive credits for training in Microsoft technologies such as Visual Studio, .net Core, Azure and Xamarin.


Solutio and the UPM's Department of Continuing Studies have joined forces to benefit students. Both entities launched, at the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year, the "My Credential to Success" project, which measures and bolsters the technological skills of students and teachers in Microsoft Technologies.

With the development capabilities of Visual Studio and.NET, students learn to create and manage applications through multiple devices and platforms, tools that will open professional doors for them.

Cooperation agreement with the UPM

The Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Grupo Solutio have signed an educational cooperation agreement so that students can intern at Solutio workplaces.


It will also promote collaboration with professors who teach courses related to common areas of work, in addition to offering UPM students the opportunity to work on their final projects for their Bachelor’s and Master's degrees.

Incorporating talent

Solutio México grew 24% in 2016, in its second year in the country. Today 20% of our workforce is in Mexico. 2017 started out with strong growth in the Development, Operation and Consulting areas.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Mexico for a great year.


Last hires:

Últimas incorporaciones a Solutio España:

  • Javier Valero | COO.
  • Jose María Nogal | CSO.
  • Raúl Llorente | Director de talent.

CMMI recognition

Solutio receives CMMI II certification for development, testing, monitoring and support services.