About Solutio: Vision, mission and values

Values are a core part of our basic company DNA and we adapt our vision and beliefs as times change. Our values reflect the way we go about things:


Team work


A vocation for service



Modern life and the challenges it brings offers us a great framework for developing our beliefs. We believe in an increasingly digitalized world where technology has become the focal point of our social and professional lives. Gadgets like mobiles and tablets have become more widespread, they allow us to have a better life, and change our habits. We have adapted to these changes as a part of our beliefs, always adopting a positive vision in the face of challenges, we take on risks as challenges in order to overcome them.

Our beliefs are reaffirmed in a digital world (IoT) where technology is a driving force behind improving people’s quality of life.  The world had been brought together through telecommunications, internet has gone from being a relevant fact to a key part of daily life, we as digital immigrants have to adapt, this is a world where new generations are becoming rapidly accustomed to this reality as a part of everyday life (leisure, study, etc.).

There is no question that as part of our beliefs, we have to understand the world as a global village where it is possible to connect with people, work and therefore do business.  At Solutio we view this as a new challenge, one that forces us out of our comfort zone (Spain) and leads us to undertake an exciting internationalization project. It also results in us widening our spectrum of relationships by incorporating solutions from Israel, USA, Portugal, and Spain.

There is no doubt that our values and beliefs are the factors which determine our vision, a vision that is:







We want to make a commitment to our environment (clients, society, providers and team). We wear our vocation for service as our main value, and it determines our mission to challenge ourselves to continue to grow and improve, without losing our values, and adopting our belief to our context (which is indeed now global and digital).
Our main vision is to contribute our vocation for service, commitment and knowledge, to support our professional context (client, providers and TEAM) without forgetting about our social context, so we adapt to propose solutions and services which improve it.