In order to comply with the provisions of law 34/2002 of 11 July concerning information technology services for society and electronic commerce, below we have listed some general information data relating to the Web site owned by Grupo Solutio Consultores, SL (Hereafter referred to as SOLUTIO).

Name: Grupo Solutio Consultores, SL
Business address: C/ Calle Velázquez, no. 64 - 28001, Madrid
Tax number: (C.I.F): B84005107
Telephone: 91 577 97 25 
Fax: 91 522 39 57
Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, on Sheet M-354117, Volume 20070, Folio 75

Terms of Use for Access to the Portal

Access to the site involves accepting these general and particular conditions contained on the website. Therefore, we recommend that all users who have previously began to surf the site, should now read the conditions which are outlined below, as well at the confidentiality policy that governs use of the website If any doubts arise, users should contact so that they can provide guidance in relation to any of clauses of this website.
We also inform users that the SOLUTIO website is free, at no time are users required to subscribe or register, except for certain sections where personal data can be obtained from users. For such purposes, users will be informed of our Company’s confidentiality process, as well as the way in which information provided will be used. It will be classified at all times as Confidential, complying with the requirements established by Law 15/1999 regarding the protection of personal data.

Use of the Page

Through these general conditions, the user agrees to use the portal in compliance with the law, public morality, public order and generally accepted good customs. Users must refrain from using the page for damaging or criminal purposes that go against the image of SOLUTIO on the market, or which could damage the image of any of its clients as well as people who integrate SOLUTIO as well as their associated companies.
Likewise the user must refrain from taking any sort of action that could damage, or prevent the normal functioning of the portal, services offered, I.T. equipment, files, and databases held by SOLUTIO or by legitimate holder, content or information stored in any of the different sections that comprise this website web

Limitations of Liability

SOLUTIO does not take responsibility under any circumstances and with no exceptions, for damage or loss that may affect the user of the portal, within the limit fixed by the law.
Likewise, the user will he held responsible for any type of loss and damage that is the direct or indirect consequence of use that fails to comply with the general conditions outlined in this legal notice.
SOLUTIO, does not assume any responsibility for the veracity and exactitude of the information contained on the portal Likewise, it reserves the right to modify the content of the page at any time and without previous warning. It can also configure the portal, limiting, suspending, or preventing total or partial access at its outright discretion.

SOLUTIO does not take responsibility for any damage or loss that may be suffered by users as a result of accessing the portal that affects the hardware or software of their PCs, being unable guarantee that files and systems etc., are free of viruses.


SOLUTIO, is especially sensitive to possible links that may be made from the websites of third parties that lead to the SOLUTIO web page (

Users, both individuals and legal entities, who wish to create or who create a hyperlink from the webpage of another internet portal to any of the pages in the SOLUTIO portal, should comply with the following conditions regard web links. They should request explicit authorization, and explain their reasons, by writing to:

Grupo Solutio Consultores, SL
C/ Calle Velázquez, 64  - 28001, Madrid

It is also possible to write to the email address Under no circumstances should the lack of response to the request be considered as implied authorization to create the link. Likewise, SOLUTIO can reject the request at its outright discretion, without needing to explain the reason for refusal.
In the event that SOLUTIO authorizes the possibility to create a link from the website of a third party, it should always lead to the main homepage (simple link) and never to one of the specific sections on the portal (deep link).
The user is required to notify SOLUTIO of any changes to their website, and SOLUTIO reserves the right to refuse authorization that had previously been granted, without the need to provide reasons for the refusal.
It is forbidden to put false, inexact, or incorrect statements next to the link that could lead to an error regarding the content of the portal, or statements which are against the law, public morals, public order or generally accepted customs, which could damage SOLUTIO’s image on the virtual market, that of associated companies, clients or any third party who has links to SOLUTIO.